Photograph of herbal tea by Henry C. Sharpe

herbal tea’s music belongs in the misty gauze of a Kodak photograph left to yellow in the autumn sun. A masterful blend of hazy, filmic textures and layered vocals, the project of Bristol based artist, Helena Eve Walker, has earnt praise from well-regarded peers, Gia Margaret and Fog Lake. With plays on BBC 6 Music, and support slots alongside Ex:Re, Sidney Gish, SASAMI and more, though herbal tea’s music exists in the shadows, she is now ready for the limelight.

“herbal tea’s songs are a comfort – sonically equal parts light and dark, they have the ability to take you some place else. I’m happy to live in a world where she exists” – Gia Margaret

“Beautiful textures… crystal clear melodies… spectacularly dreamy… herbal tea is a songwriter to keep your eye on, and is not going to stay a musical mystery for very long” – For The Rabbits

Photograph of herbal tea by Henry C. Sharpe.

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