Laura Fell – Cold (BM002)

‘Cold’ is the second single release from the debut LP, ‘Safe from Me’ (due out on 20th Nov ’20). Incredibly refined, ‘Cold’ examines the fears that come with entering a relationship – and it’s a threat that can be hear in the pensive, almost creeping percussion.

“’Cold’ is song is all about deciding how much of myself to give away – what to tell or not tell. It’s also about self-doubt and finding it almost impossible to land on a decision and stick to it. About losing patience with myself around this and hoping the other person won’t lose patience in the same way,” Fell explains. 

Released: 6th October 2020.


Lyrics and music by Laura Fell.

Recorded at Giant Wafer Studios, Llandrindod Wells in April 2019. Produced by Chris Hyson; additional production by Lloyd Haines & Alex Killpartick; mixed & mastered by Alex Killpartick.

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